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2.0b2 (BETA) 29. Mar 2001
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   - Embperl files can now debugged via the interavtive debugger.
     The debugger shows the Embperl page source along with the
     correct linenumbers. 
     This works in various ways:
        # perl interacive command line debugger
        perl -d embpexec.pl file.epl  
        # ddd graphical debugger (http://www.gnu.org/software/ddd/)
        ddd --debugger 'perl -d embpexec.pl file.epl'
        or via Apache::DB under mod_perl
   - Embperl has now a defined API for creating/adding a new
     syntax. See perldoc HTML::Embperl::Syntax for details.
   - Which syntax (also multiple at the same time) 
     a given page uses can be defined via EMBPERL_SYNTAX configuration
   - Added Syntax definitions for SSI, Perl and plain Text
   - New [$ syntax $] metacommand can switch the syntax of the file
     on the fly. It's also usefull to load addtional taglibs.
   - print OUT works again
   - HTML comments are not touched anymore
   - Embperl doesn't log a warning if a undefined value is in %ENV and
     dbgEnv is on.
   - 2.0b2 now contains all contains all changes up to 1.3.2 .

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