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1.3.1 (RELEASE) 13 Feb. 2001
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   - Added new Introduction to EmbperlObject written by
     Neil Gunton. See perldoc IntroEmbperlObject
   - Added new Tips and Tricks pod written by
     Neil Gunton. See perldoc TipsAndTricks. Anybody is invited
     to send me their own Tips and Tricks!
   - Added object and isa parameters to Execute, which allows to get an
     object reference for a certain file and set the Perl inherence
     hierachive. Ideas from Neil Gunton and Angus Lees.
   - Corrected a problem that leads to very strange errors when an
     Embperl sub is called from an in memory source (that is passed
     via the Execute input parameter). Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Make EmbperlObject work better with relative paths and drive letters
     on Windows. Based on a patch from Freddy Vulto.
   - Fixed a problem with the cache key, which could cause that the same
     file is compiled within different packages.
   - Fixed a problem that Embperl are in a wired state after an file upload
     has been interrupted. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Fixed a problem set @ISA is not correctly setup in case a file is
     compiled in the same package as the base file of EmbperlObject.
     Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Fixed problem with including ../foo.html in EmbperlObject. Spotted
     by Neil Gunton.
   - Added warning if @ISA is not correctly setup/corrupted.
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occurs when an reference to undef is returned
     from a [+ +] inside a URL.
   - Added warning to Makefile.PL, if File::Spec 0.82 isn't installed, which is
     required by EmbperlObject.
   - Fixed "use of undefined value" warning in make test      

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